Switlik CPR Life Raft


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The SWITLIK TSO-C70a Type II approved CPR Raft comes standard with the following features:

  • SWITLIK Signature Convertible Canopy System
  • 5-Year Service Interval
  • Air Charge Inflation with visible "Go/no Go" Pressure gauge that let's you know your raft is ready to deploy.
  • Four water pockets for superior stability
  • Four wide, stiffened run boarding ladders for ease of boarding
  • Internal Back-up sleeve for ensured buoyancy

Standard Equipment:

  • Waterproof Solar Powered Flashlight
  • Water Activated Exterior Locator Lights (2 ea.)
  • Manual Inflation Pump
  • Repair Clamps (2 ea.)
  • Heaving Ring
  • Knife
  • Sea Anchor

Part 91 Survival Kit:

  • Electronic Signal Flare
  • First Aid Kit
  • Signal Whistle
  • Sponge