NDT Services

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Wheel NDT

There are many different forms of non-destructive testing or NDT services. These tests help ensure that nothing has been damaged in the components before being installed. NDT testing is also helpful with new parts, primarily to ensure that the component was not damaged during storage or transportation.

Non-destructive testing helps aviation mechanics ensure that the parts they are using are dependable and safe for use. If there is any sign of damage, they know not to use that part again. In aviation, it is essential to test for corrosion and cracks because of the harsh conditions. If a mechanic were to install parts that have been compromised, then there is a severe risk of failure during flight.

There are many types of NDT services performed in Aviation include visual testing, eddy current inspection, x-ray inspections, ultrasound inspections, and liquid penetrant inspections. These forms of aviation inspection allow mechanics to check for cracks, corrosion, or signs of fatigue on metal surfaces.

As a bonus to Aerospace Services and Product's service, we perform non-destructive inspections(NDT) on all aircraft wheel tie bolts regardless of condition, even when the FAA does not require it! This ensures a level of service and quality unmatched by any competitors.