Life Raft and Vest Overhaul

Life Raft at Sea

In the case of a water emergency, sometimes you have to fall back on your resourcefulness. Life rafts are typically provided by aircraft and marine vessels that are equipped with them. However, there are certain emergencies where they might not be accessible or simply don't work properly. Life vests are typically the go-to floatation device of choice for those who find themselves stranded in water without a raft, but what happens when neither work?

Liferaft Recertification

This is why it is extremely important to have qualified and experienced professionals inspect and overhaul these critical life-saving devices.

Since 2000, Aerospace Services And Products, Inc. has established a reputation for high-quality, dependable service while maintaining a Limited Emergency Equipment Rating (FAA CRS# W43R729Y). Furthermore, we have earned the trust of significant life raft manufacturers by utilizing OEM components and materials to maintain their products quality levels. Earning us the original equipment manifacturer's approved service station agreements and licensed service center agreements.



We currently sell and service the following life rafts and vests:

  • Winslow
  • AVI/Survival Products
  • Eastern Aero Marine
  • Switlik Parachute Company
  • Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products
  • Hoover Industries

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Life raft and life vest recertification