Oxygen Bottle Testing and Overhaul

Aircraft Oxygen System Inspection and Repairs

We require sufficient oxygen to function properly, especially at high altitudes where our bodies can't intake as much oxygen as usual. That's why your aircraft's air systems must be in good working order, ensuring that the plane cabin is adequately pressurized and crew and passengers have access to additional oxygen whenever required.

To ensure that aircraft oxygen bottles can safely contain the maximum fill pressure over the years, they must be tested and recertified. Over time, cylinders may degrade and weaken, making them more prone to failure. A breach of air pressure might cause significant damage to both the aircraft and its passengers.

Aircraft Oxygen Cylinders

That is why the US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all aircraft oxygen cylinders be hydrostatically tested regularly to verify that they can operate under high-pressure circumstances and are free of stress fractures and rust. Different types of oxygen cylinders require varying testing durations and service life criteria:

  • 3AA oxygen cylinders: Test once every five years with indefinite service life.
  • 3HT oxygen cylinders: Must test every three years with 24-year service life.
  • Composite oxygen cylinders: Implement testing every five years with 15-year service life.

To verify that your cylinders are not out of their scheduled hydrostatic due dates, look for the test dates stamped or labeled on them.

At Aerospace Services and Products, we provide thorough aircraft oxygen bottle inspections, maintenance, repairs, and overhauls to ensure that the cabin atmosphere is maintained at optimal levels.

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